Boho Chic Mens Wooden Beads Bracelet | Jade and Wood Minimalist Hippie Bracelet


Elegant minimalist bracelet made of Jade stone, wood beads and silver details.

A unique Boho wooden beads bracelet with beautiful green and blue jade stones and silver details. Cool boho-hippie style to complete your look.
The bracelet is 18 cm (average male wrist size). It’s a stretch bracelet so it can easily stretch out and loosen a bit with time. If you need a different length feel free to ask!
The charm beaded bracelet for men comes with a cute little eco-friendly gift bag.

I am sure that this Boho wooden beads bracelet looks amazing with my MOON NECKLACE. Check it out


Crystals and stones are believed by some to carry powerful energies and so they bring physical and emotional healing. People used them for these purposes for centuries.

Different crystals and stones are believed to carry their own energies and provide unique benefits.

Jade stone is one of the most popular. The expert often refer to it as the stone of luck and happiness. They also say that jade could potentially benefit several organs, conditions and also relationship.
Of course it’s important to know that there aren’t any strong scientific evidence to support the healing properties of cristal and gemstones like jade.

Feel free to CONTACT ME for any information or if you would like some customization on my Boho wooden beads bracelet , some little changes like length, colors or details. My goal is your 110% satisfaction and I’ll be very happy to help!

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Handmade boho-hippie jewelry by KrisWanderer


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