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Spiritual and Elegant Charm beaded Bracelet made of jade stone and lava rock.

Very elegant but casual charm beaded bracelet for men made out of jade stones, lava rock, and dark brown wooden beads. The bronze charm decoration represents the “om” symbol.

The “om” is considered to be the first sound ever and is the father of all words and mantras. It represents the essential, the union between body and soul.

The bracelet is 18 cm (average male wrist size). It’s a stretch bracelet so it can easily stretch out and loosen a bit with time. If you need a different length feel free to ask!
The charm beaded bracelet for men comes with a cute little eco-friendly gift bag.

I am sure that this bracelet looks amazing with my MOON NECKLACE. Chek it out!


I have always been very fascinated by the “OM” symbol since I visited India with my mom when I was just a 6 years old kid.
In India I found out that this sacred word actually represent the first sound ever pronounces, it is considered to be the beginning of everything, language and every mantra and prayer.
It symbolizes the unity between spiritual and material. It brings harmony and peace.
I don’t know if wearing it is as efficient as pronouncing it, but I guess it’s worth a try. And just to respect the Indian culture, remember to wear it on the right wrist. The right side of the body is considered the sacred side by the Indian culture.

Feel free to CONTACT ME for any information or if you would like some customization on my charm beaded bracelet men , some little changes like length, colors or details. My goal is your 110% satisfaction and I’ll be very happy to help!

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Handmade boho-hippie jewelry by KrisWanderer


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