Boho Moon Necklace For Men | Beaded Crescent Moon Unisex Necklace


Handmade Moon necklace with a unique bohemian style

Cool Beaded Boho Moon Necklace for men and women . The piece is mostly made of dark brown wooden beads from Italy, that look stunningly with turquoise and coral stones. Decorated also with Rudraksha seeds from India. In the Indian Culture they use Rudraksha seed to meditate, cure stress, and make positive changes in the body and mind.
The minimum length of the necklace is 70 cm but can be adjusted (5 cm longer).

My beaded boho moon necklace for men and women comes with a cute gift wrap so it makes the perfect present for him or her!


The tree that Rudraksha comes from can be found in multiple locations, mainly India, Nepal, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Australia. The name Rudraksha derives from Sanskrit. Actually Rudra is the name of Shiva, an Hindu God, and “Aksa” means tear or teardrops. So Rudraksha means Tears of the Lord. Rudraksha beads encourage the connection between you and the Lord Shiva, while reaffirming the spiritual essence you have within

In the Shavians, a subset of Hinduism, they often mention these seeds. Shaivism is also considered to be the oldest living religion in the world. They Known Shiva(or Rudra) as the creator and destroyer of all things.

Feel free to CONTACT ME for any information or if you would like some customization on my boho crescent moon necklace, some little changes like length, colors or details. My goal is your 110% satisfaction and I’ll be very happy to help!

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Handmade boho-hippie jewelry by KrisWanderer


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