Tribal Turquoise and Wooden Bead Choker | Ocean Goddess Necklace


A fusion between African and Hawaiian style, with my unmistakable boho touch

Are you ready for the summer? What looks better on your tanned skin than turquoise stones and light wood, with shimmering silver coins? I’ll tell you: Nothing! Look at my new Tribal Turquoise Beads Choker, a truly Goddess necklace! One strand of beautiful natural stones that vary from blue to beige to brown alternated by small silver coins and a beautiful African wooden pendant that gives that totally exotic look. On the sides, you’ve got the light brown leather that makes the necklace feel soft and comfy on your neck.

The necklace is adjustable: minimum length= 38cm, maximum length= 45cm.



It’ s a very unique combination of colors and materials from all over the world. I started using this light brown leathers in Mexico few years ago. I was walking up and down the beach with my boyfriend at sunset time selling my jewelry, like every day during that unforgettable period, while we ended up meeting these two wonderful girls. They got this faux leather material to sell so they stopped us on the shore. Then we started chatting and we connected immediately.  That day was born a beautiful friendship. We spent several days in Puerto Escondido together and more days few months later at their house in Mexico City.


Feel free to CONTACT ME for any information or if you would like some customization on my Exotic Turquoise Beads Choker , some little changes like length, colors or details. My goal is your 110% satisfaction and I’ll be very happy to help!

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Handmade boho-hippie jewelry by KrisWanderer


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