Mens Wooden Bead Tribal Choker Necklace – Short Surfer Beaded Necklace


Short mens tribal surfer choker necklace made of different type of wooden beads, seashell and blu lapis lazuli gemstone.
It looks super cool and it has the perfect size for n everyday use, both on the beach and in the city. Looks great on tan skin! Show your surfer style!


The name comes from the Latin word ‘lapis’ meaning ‘stone’ and the Persian lazhward meaning ‘blue.’
The shades of blue contained within this crystal’s structure are rich and deep in color. Sometimes it has gold flecks running through it, which give it a magical, mysterious charm.
The Ancient Egyptians used it in cosmetics for thousands of years. It was even said that Michelangelo used lapis lazuli in powder form for blue pigments to color the frescoes in his Sistine Chapel.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of protection. It can recognize a psychic attack and works to against negative or harmful energies coming your way.
It is also a stone of serenity and peace, calming tempers, releasing stress, and bringing the mind and body together in harmony.

Feel also free to CONTACT ME for any information or if you would like some customization on this mens tribal surfer choker necklace. My goal is your 110% satisfaction and I’ll be very happy to help!

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Handmade boho-hippie jewelry by KrisWanderer


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