Mens Feather Metal Pirate Earring With Natural Stone


Mens pirate silver feather earring with natural stone

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Mens pirate earring in silver color with a cool metal feather. You can choose between five different options of natural stones to put in your personal earring:
Jade, Turquoise, Citrine, Tiger Eye, and Lava stone. The full length is 6.5 cm.

This feather metal earring is pretty minimal, but the silver feather combined with the wrapped natural stone will give you this urban pirate style for standing out from the rest of the crew.


Pirates wore earrings for superstitious reasons. Some pirates were convinced that wearing earrings would improve bad eyesight. They believed that the precious metals in an earring possessed magical healing powers. Another tale was that pierced ears would prevent seasickness.

One of the most popular myth behind pirate and sailors in general, is that they would wear gold and silver earrings so no matter where they died, they got always with themselves a way to pay for their burial.

This mens pirate feather earring comes with a beautiful eco-friendly gift wrap, ready to be a little sweet present.

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Jade, Lava Stone, Citrine, Turquoise, Tiger Eye


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